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In recognition of advanced, motivate staff, the company to give outstanding management personnel tourism

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In recognition of advanced and motivate staff, the company give excellent management personnel travel, full medical examination and welfare, promote the company's people-oriented management philosophy, and create a grateful, positive and progressive corporate culture. First, go out to travel, organize the day-to-day management of outstanding outstanding management personnel to the scenic spots around the country sightseeing tour, enjoy the local customs and practices, broaden their horizons, delight in body and mind; the second is the fish get physical examination, post for one year Above, there is no major discipline managers, the company in the cities in various regions, coordinating contact physical examination point for the company managers to conduct physical examination, to ensure physical and mental health; third is concerned about staff life, the management of newly married, the company based on job grade, Secretary Ling , Sent a generous gifts, or attend the scene; immediate family members relatives died, the company sent the leadership of the region, take gifts for condolences, embodies the organization care; employee family suffered a major accident, there are temporary emergency difficulties, mobilize the full contribution of love, fund-raising organizations , To alleviate the urgency of staff.