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In order to ensure smooth information, the company developed a strict system of meetings, through the meeting to keep abreast of

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Establish regular meeting system
In order to ensure the smooth flow of information, the Company formulated a strict meeting system to keep abreast of shortcomings and deficiencies in first-line production management through meetings and to discuss and draw up suggestions and proposals for rectification so as to further improve the quality of service.
Meeting form:
1. Routine meetings (once a week, managers at and above Beijing-Tianjin region attend the meeting)
2. Operational Improvement (once a month, first-line production held);
3. Strategic Promotion Association (the last month of each quarter, the regional managers participating);
4. Annual meeting (once a year, all managers attend).
Auxiliary approach: In order to improve the timeliness of information transmission, electronic media such as telephone, fax and internet are important ways and means of daily communication and management.