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In order to effectively establish and continuously enhance the image of the company's external services, the company has formula

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In order to effectively establish and improve the corporate image of foreign service, the company developed a rigorous daily behavior and operating practices, all employees in the operation must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of dress and operate in strict accordance with operating procedures to ensure safe, orderly, high quality and efficiency ( With staff style show).
2 job training
Training materials. Our company according to the particularity of the train cleaning industry, combined with years of combat experience and the efforts of a number of outstanding management personnel, Human Resources developed a standard operating procedures and standards for each type of work, summed up a series of different levels of management training standards, Unified training materials, standardize the training content, all regions, all levels of positions to organize the implementation of the human resources department has completed the "attendants training course", "class (group) training course", "before the training post "," Professional training course "," new manager's guide "" middle manager manual "and other six training tutorials, the formation of a system of training materials to ensure that employees attend the training, training and use with , Basically achieve the combination of learning, training purpose with the same. In the meantime, the company also regularly organized training courses on the professional training of corporate secretarial staff in accordance with the actual situation of business personnel in various departments of the office, effectively raised the service ability and quality of administrative staff and provided full rules for all staff to follow , According to regulations.
Organization of full training. In order to effectively enhance the competency and professional skills of all staff and to ensure that they meet the needs of the large-scale development of the enterprise, the Company has increased its investment in staff selection, education, training and use. By expanding recruitment mode and channels, Professional technicians and business staff on the staff level targeted training and other different ways and means to achieve staff positioning, make every effort to balance stable and all-round development of human resources strategic planning and goals.
First, pay close attention to on-the-job training, starting from the train equipment common sense, homework skills training, safety training and learning, company rules and regulations and other aspects to ensure full training qualified, as soon as possible into the working condition; Second, strict team leader training, Team leader position responsibilities, the implementation of responsibilities to people, not regularly organize reports, training, staff reserves for grass-roots management; third, regular training, the main strengthening of management skills, communication skills, business skills, through outing training, the company special Training, and other ways, specializing in business blind spots, to resolve puzzles and continuously improve the management level; Fourth, to expand the high thinking skills, through the Masanori Business School, Divine Yingcai and other well-known training institutions, drawing on advanced management experience and improve management skills, expand divergent thinking, and gradually Achieve the company's strategic goals.