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Companies engaged in China Railway Station car cleaning services, customer demand has always been the direction of demand

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Since the company was engaged in the service of China Railway Station Car Cleaning, it has always been based on the needs of its customers and has been closely operating around the project of train cleaning services. It is closely integrated with the speed-raising of China Railway six times and has so far reached nearly 15 The strategic partner for more than a year, won the approval of railway workers. With the care of all the administrations and the efforts of all the staff, the business of the company gradually developed rapidly. The business covers Beijing-Shanghai Line, Beijing-Guangzhou Line, Beijing-Tianjin Line, Tianjin-Qin Line, Jingbao Line and Chengdu Railway Bureau Jingchuan Chongqing Line), Chengdu Line, Shenyang Railway Bureau Kazakhstan line, Changji Line, Harbin Railway Line Kazakhstan existing line, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau Zheng Xi line, Beijing-Guangzhou line, Wuhan Railway Bureau, etc. Thirteen railway bureau twelve main lines, from the general speeding of general train cleaning to rapid trains, direct trains, EMU trains, cleaning services from the library cleaning, motor train en route to cleaning, folding cleaning development to the railway station cleaning services, To provide travelers with high-quality, high grade station and train cleaning service quality.