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Beijing Jie Liya Cleaning Co., Ltd. was established in June 2000 in Beijing

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Beijing Jie Liya cleaning Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing in June 2000 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, is a collection of domestic cleaning, cleaning services, train services, pharmaceutical sales in an integrated service company in business has always been to "Customer demand-oriented", the quality of the tree outside the image, customers will create "clean, beautiful and elegant" life as their responsibility, "quality, reputation first" as the purpose of business development, focus on cleaning services. With the help, care and support from all walks of life in the society and the leaders at all levels of the Road Administration, after more than 10 years of Beijing Jieliya people's tireless efforts, the company has thousands of employees and has operations in Northeast China, North China, East China, Central China, South China and Southwest China , The northwest and other seven major regions more than 10 provincial capitals, has been the Ministry of Commerce, China Chamber of Commerce as a typical business, corporate credit rating AAA credit enterprises.
1. Standardize the base construction. In order to adapt to the large-scale development of enterprises, the company has set up staff training bases in cooperation with vocational colleges and enterprises (Shenzhou Yingcai, Zhengde Business School, Inheritance Education) and other units to provide all-round skills training for employees. In order to ensure the matching of work posts and improve the work efficiency, Human Resources Department has formulated and designed customized training programs according to different types of jobs, covering the incentive culture, management system, operation standard process, pharmacy tools, production safety knowledge, Passenger service etiquette and other content. So that each employee pre-job and post are fully able to receive specialized training, greatly improving the staff's business skills and personal basic qualities, so as to provide customers with better service. Since the founding of the training base, through the company's tireless efforts and innovation, and further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, trained many outstanding staff and managers to achieve the overall ability and value of employees to upgrade, but also further standardize the grassroots staff Service image, thus displaying the unique style in the actual job.
2. Rich experience in industry management
Train cleaning and cleaning industry has a greater distinction, high standards, strict requirements, changes, fast, semi-militarized nature of the staff management put forward higher requirements. It is difficult to learn from the experience of other cleaning companies in the management of trains and the cleaning of trains. Since the cleaning of train service, the Company has summarized the working conditions and laws of the trades and started to standardize the operation standards and procedures and constantly improve the rules and regulations. Through practice and conclusion, we have accumulated a great deal of valuable work experience and have a wealth of work experience in the opening of new routes, the completion of mission vehicles at all levels, as well as inclement weather and emergency support in unexpected situations. Various train cleaning tasks laid a solid foundation.
3. A wide range of business-scale operations
Its business covers more than 10 provincial capital cities in northeast, north China, east China, central China, south China, southwest, northwest and other seven regions, east to Hangzhou, west to Urumqi, north to Harbin and south to Shenzhen. The company has set up seven training bases (Beijing, Shenyang, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Guiyang, Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang) and owns a staff of several thousands and over 150 senior and middle management personnel with high quality and high standard of 800 Support cleaning service team, has a rich staff reserve resources for the opening of new lines, temporary car and internal support provided a strong reserve human resources reserves. Staff with practical experience in multiple positions, the positions of staff can be combined in a timely manner, positions can be intervened, which can effectively reduce labor costs and operating costs. Have to provide more services for the various conditions of the road, not only saved for Party A to find the cost of service providers, but also save money for Party A.
4. Lean staff management team
The company has a government by the government agencies, the railway sector experience, proficient in cleaning business elite composed of highly skilled and sophisticated management of the complex management team, with consultants outside, there are elites, formed a pool of talent, solidarity , A positive and progressive backbone. In the company's strategic decision-making and day-to-day management process, set the experience of different industries, joint decision-making, reduce the probability of making mistakes, played a very good escort role. The establishment of a learning management team, there are stages of business training, outside management consulting firm training base, is committed to enhancing the management of business skills, interpersonal skills and conceptual skills, continuous innovation management, theory to infiltrate into practice management , In practice, continue to grow and better serve the broad masses of employees in the field, to rely on the strong backing of employees, work together for the development of the company, for enterprises to do bigger and stronger to provide continuous protection.
5. Social praise Praise recognition
The company with a grateful heart, with high-quality personnel, excellent technical strength and professional management, won the social recognition and recognition. The good deeds and good things, gratuitous gold, helpfulness and other advanced deeds are not uncommon, and won the "China Information News", "People's Railway", "Science and Technology Daily", "Economic Daily", "Letter", "Harmony Tour", "Shenyang Evening News, "more than a dozen newspapers and magazines, such as praise and coverage, Passenger Party A presented more than 200 pennant banners, more than 100 letters of thanks, as well as Party A's recognition of affirmative letters more than 30 letters. On October 21, 2015, the Railway Corporation's Railway Film and Television Filming Center designated us as the filming target of the railway cleaning advertisement film. The latter documentary was broadcast on the train along the railway lines, which is a high evaluation of the company's efforts and dedication over the years .