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Company Profile

1. Mission
Create a good travel environment for travelers and provide a platform for employment of small people
2. Vision
Strong internal quality, the tree outside the image, both internally and externally, so that Beijing Jie Li Ya occupy the industry leader in the industry to become a model study!
3. core value
Abide by the law, integrity management, to win the customer's satisfaction with the quality of service to win the satisfaction of passengers.
4. Strategic Positioning
Bigger, stronger, striving to be the first in the industry.
5. Business layout
Today, relying on practical hard earned money tomorrow by innovation and efficiency to earn money acquired by brand effect
Today, rely on the amount of money to make money tomorrow rely on large items to earn money by operating a variety of operating income
6. Strategic objectives
Strengthen staff training, standardize the management, stabilize the workforce, to ensure safety and accident-free, on the quality to a higher level, in the management of railway cleaning at the same time, expand domestic service.